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9+ years


Bella was found as a tiny puppy in a temple, she was in terribe condition with the after affects of distemper which had affected her brain. Bella’s tiny body shook constantly and her back legs could only keep her a few inches off the ground leaving her covered in sores. This was on top of sarcoptic mange which was so serious she could hardly move. It was touch and go for a while.

We rescued her and treated both conditions, but as she improved she was taken ill again with blood parasities. For the second time in her life, she was at death’s door and was rushed 200km to the big vet hospital. After lots of tests they confirmed  Bella’s blood platelets were low and her kidney readings were dangerously high and to top it all her liver wasn’t good either. The vet put her on a drip and prescribed lots of medication which we gave her over the next week . Bella had stopped eating and the vet said if she doesn't eat within 3 days, she would die. Phew! On day 3 she ate a small piece of sausage, so we knew she was going to live.

All her life Bella has lived with her nervous diesorder bought on by distemper contracted when a tiny puppy. She had lived with her body constantly shakiing and her back legs remaining very weak. After 10 years of neurological medication her shaking miraculoously dissappeared.  

We were told that Bella will never be 100% healthy and she’s unlikely to live long. Bella has proved all the vets wrong and has happily reached her 14th birthday (August 2022).

Merci de me parrainer !

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