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0-3 years


Found wandering on the road where she’d been cruelly abandoned, Isabella had one of the worst cases of mange we've seen in a decade so we had to isolate her and start her treatment immediately cleansing her skin and applying healing lotion. We also de-wormed her due to her distended stomach and gave her a small dose of Ivermectine anti-parasite medication with syrup.

Isabella had a slight limp possibly from a motorbike collision when she was on the roadside, but thankfully she sustained no external injuries.

Isabella has been with us for 5 weeks (26 March 2024) and she is still confined to quarantine, which leaves her feeling lonely at times. She receives regular baths with a mild medicated shampoo and olive oil massages to soothe her skin. Her diet is supplemented with calcium and vitamins to support her recovery, and she consumes her meals of rice and fish in moments.

As her new coat begins to emerge, Isabella is transforming before our eyes. Her journey is far from over, and she dearly needs a sponsor to support her ongoing treatment and care. For those who are moved by Isabella's story and wish to help, please consider sponsoring her care to help us not only provide the necessary medical treatments but also ensure she continues to thrive under our protection.

Your support can make all the difference in Isabella's life.

Merci de me parrainer !

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