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Black Tea

6-9 years


Early this morning, we received an urgent SOS call about Black Tea, one of our beloved temple dogs. He was hit head-on by a speeding pickup truck, which then sped away without stopping. The old monk who cares for Black Tea had to carry him in from the road.

Black Tea's injuries were severe. His eye has ruptured, leaving him blind on one side. He had a deep gash on his neck and a badly broken jaw, and his breathing was laboured. When we arrived to help, he was crying in pain. Remarkably, he had not suffered a broken leg or a ruptured spine. Our local vet provided immediate care, covering his wounds and administering anti-inflammatory and pain medication. 

However, without x-ray equipment, the vet recommended that we transport Black Tea to a special cases vet 100 kilometres away. At the specialized clinic, Black Tea's neck wounds were treated, and X-rays revealed a broken and dislocated jaw. He underwent two major surgeries, including the removal of one eye. There are continuing concerns about his breathing, which might indicate tracheitis caused by an infected trachea. 

Timely intervention saved Black Tea from the brink of infection and starvation. He would dearly love a sponsor to support and care about him through the challenging times he will face in the future.

Please sponsor Black Tea, who is a very deserving dog.

Merci de me parrainer !

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