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Notre programme de stérilisation


2019 -2023

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2,930 dogs and cats were spade and neutered following the launch of our free community neutering program in 2018. 

We provide our essential neutering program free to needy locals, temples and street dog carers through the fantastic sponsorship from Compassion Sans Borders, WUfAW (Woman United for Animal Welfare), K9Aid and Woodfield Dog Rescue. Without their support, many more dogs and cats would be abandoned in horrific conditions and the fate of their offspring even worse. 

As always a huge thank you to WUFAW - Women United For Animal Welfare who've sponsored our program since 2020 and Janet McDougall of The Woodfield Foundation who sponsored the sterilization of 70 dogs last year and this year 2024. Our ongoing work is vital to the poorer members of our community who otherwise would be overrun by unwanted kittens and puppies. We are overjoyed that K9Aid will also support our program over the next 6 months (2024) when they'll be sponsoring 20 dogs and cats per month.

We are extremely grateful to these organisations for their support. We hope that more supporters will commit to sponsoring up to 5 dogs and cats a month. The cost of one sterilization is currently $16.00 (the exchange rate does fluctuate!) or 600 Thai Baht.

Upcountry locals often live far off the beaten track in basic houses with few facilities. These are the places stray dogs and cats migrate to.  Some are taken in and fed and some are pushed away to continue their search for food.  Many of these animals either find their way to Temples or are thrown into them. 


None of these dogs and cats are neutered and often are in horrific states with skin diseases, covered in ticks and fleas and vulnerable to viruses like distemper, parvo and cat flu.

local's dogs for neutering 2023

Another successful year in 2023

In 2023, we spayed and neutered 644 dogs and cats, thanks to our sponsors Compassion Sans Borders, WUFAW, The Woodfield Foundation and to many supporters who donated to our matching donation fundraiser.

Our free community neutering program has assisted hundreds of financially challenged locals, monks and street dog carers. 2,930 successful procedures have been completed since our program was launch in September 2018. We are proud of this accomplishment made by our small team of 2 vets and a vet assistant.

What we achieved in 2022

We spayed and neutered 620 dogs and cats during the year.  Our community neutering hotline is so popular with local street dog adopters and rescuers that it's over-subscribed in a couple of days. Running alongside this is our outreach neutering program specifically for temples and poorer residents and street dog feeders. 

Not only have we saved thousands of unwanted puppies from being born into a life of cruelty we have also saved several emergency cases. These cases are mothers unable to give birth to their puppies due to medication given by uneducated locals.

achieved in 2022
Community hotline

Our community neutering hotline launched 2021

We were overjoyed that WUFAW (Woman United For Animal Welfare)  started sponsoring our community neutering program in November 2020.  This additional sponsorship has enabled us to neuter 20 more cats ad dogs monthly.

Covid-19 hit Bandsaphan very hard with many cases hospitalised during March 2021. It was too risky for us to continue neutering cats and dogs at locals' homes. We discussed the situation with our vet who agreed to continue our vital community neutering program at his clinic. 

We set up a free neutering community hotline where residents can book in their cats and dogs between 12 pm and 1 pm daily.

In just 2 days we were fully subscribed and Thep was constantly on the phone organising the schedule with the vet. 56 dogs and cats were booked in and the vet started neutering the first comers the next day.

Adapting to challenges 

Our monthly quota of 55 dogs and cats has been fully subscribed within days. We are encouraged by this response and the willingness of our community to deliver and collect their animals from the vet and with some travelling long distances from their homes.

We haven't abandoned the needy residents with no transport or temples that are getting overrun with unwanted kittens and puppies. Our outreach vet and his assistant have agreed to neuter onsite for these particular cases.

A huge Thank you to both  Compassion Sans Border and WUFAW for generously sponsoring our free community neutering program which is in great demand.

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Our work during Covid-2019 

Brilliant work by our Outreach Manager and the local Livestock Department vet she works with who carried on with our neutering program despite the Covid-19 pandemic. We instructed them to wear masks and gloves at all times and keep 2 meters away from pet owners if possible.

They concentrated on poor local's pets that desperately needed neutering reaching their monthly target of 65 animals. Cats seem to be more prolific breeders than dogs and some households were getting overrun with kittens and cats. The need for neutering young dogs was also high. Mostly these cats and dogs were not adopted by their owners they simply arrived at their houses looking for food.

We are so fortunate to have these incredible selfless people working for the animals and our community first before they think of themselves.

If you'd like to donate to our neutering program please click the button below

Thank you.

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