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Nurturing Hungry Dogs: Fostering Trust and Well-Being

In our dedicated efforts to care for dogs, we have established feeding programs for Temple Street dogs. We understand that hunger can lead to various issues, impacting their health, behaviour, and overall well-being.

Hungry dogs often suffer from weakened immune systems, making them susceptible to parasites and diseases. Moreover, the struggle for food in their daily lives can turn them aggressive as they fight for survival. This situation also leaves them vulnerable to injuries while searching for sustenance. Thus, providing food is a crucial aspect of our program.

stray skinny dog_edited.jpg

At feeding time, we are proud to witness the transformation of these temple and street dogs into well-behaved companions. Gone are the days of squabbling, snarling, or stealing each other's food. The monks and carers, in a quiet and orderly manner, serve meals in individual bowls, fostering a peaceful dining environment.

For street dogs, we place small piles of food on the pavement, and they have astoundingly learned which pile belongs to them. Gone are the days of food being scattered on the ground, prompting fierce competition for their share.

You may wonder how dogs accustomed to harsh street and temple lives can exhibit such commendable behaviour. The answer lies in Trust.

Brown dog eating on roadside_edited.jpg

These dogs trust their carers to provide enough food, ensuring their hunger is satisfied. They have faith that no one among them will be left out, fostering a sense of inclusivity and security. Even if they face challenges during mealtime, they trust their carers to assist them in securing their rightful portion.

With every feeding session, we witness the power of trust in transforming their lives. As caretakers, we are committed to nurturing this trust, ensuring these dogs experience not only full bellies but also the warmth of human compassion.


In conclusion, our feeding programs are more than just providing meals to hungry dogs. They are a testament to the profound impact of trust and care in fostering an environment where dogs can lead healthier, happier lives. We remain dedicated to this cause and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who support us on this meaningful journey.

Together, we make a difference, one meal at a time.

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