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3-6 years


Peanut and Crystal both small dogs (8 - 10ks) who have the sweetest, softest natures and are loved by all who meet them.


Peanut had suffered a broken back whilst searching for food for her puppies. We found her just skin and bones hiding under an old building where she dragged herself back to because her puppies were there.  She was trying to feed them but couldn't move very far cos she was in so much pain.  We rescued her and left her puppies with the security guard at the factory where Peanut was living.  All her puppies got adopted.

Crystal was dumped on the road as a tiny puppy with 11 other tiny pups including her 2 sisters.  They all got adopted one by one but Crystal was left behind and she became very depressed.  She started to fall ill.  First her eyes became very swollen and she couldn't stand the light.  Then she had swollen feet and could hardly walk.  The infection from her feet spread throughout her body and she was in great pain with deep Pyoderma. Her skin was bright red, her temperature was high, infact she was burning up.  We had to put cold compresses on her body and she shook constantly.  It took 2 years for her to heal and stabilize.

We put these 2 sweet small young pups together and they bonded immediately and helped each other heal.  


Merci de me parrainer !

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