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3-6 years


Fufu's back is broken and he has little chance of walking again.

We were told to wrap a thick bandage round him to support his spine, so it knits together. We tried several times and he bit through it, causing the entire wrapping to slip down his back and get stuck on his back legs. It was causing more discomfort than support.


Sometimes he looks very sad, so we visit him to give him cuddles. He's very depressed because he can't understand why his back legs don't work. He cried for a while in the evening so we increased his pain killers, which helped. We've also moved him to a pen where he can see everything going on. Fufu seems much happier there. We've started gentle physiotherapy to guard against atrophy.

Fufu is at the beginning of a long healing process both physically and emotionally.

Please make Fufu feel better by sponsoring him and bring a smile to his face.

He's such a loving dog it's tragic he was living on a busy road and got hit by a motorbike.

FUFU HAS FLOWN IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY AND LOOK AT HIM NOW. This is the best video I've ever seen of our dogs.

A HUGE Thank You to Jip our staff member who's worked with Fufu since he came to us with a broken back last August. And a HUGE Thank You to Boo another staff member who took this short video.

I repeated it cos miracles don't come often and seeing is believing!

We always hoped Fufu had a chance of walking again as his back legs have remained strong since his accident which broke Fufu's back. Our vet said impossible, a vet volunteer said maybe possible but his walk would be a deep muscle one. From what I understand that means the messages aren't coming from his brain but from his muscles.

We'll keep on working with him in his standing frame and massages and physiotherapy exercises. We've got a wheelchair for him too which he loves but his drag bag is better for him to exercise his muscles.

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Follow Fufu's story on our YouTube Channel; Fufu Fought for his Life

Merci de me parrainer !

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