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0-3 years


Princess was found collapsed and crying by the roadside in the torrential rain. She'd been hit by a vehicle and was too weak to move.

We saw a gaping wound on her back and several wounds on her legs and suspected Princess had been in this condition for at least 24 hours. It was Sunday and the vet was closed so we brought her to our Healing Centre and contacted him from there. He instructed us to give Princess injections for pain and infection and to wash the wound and cover it with maggot powder which worked immediately.

After pulling out all the dead maggots which were deep in her wound, we squeezed a liberal amount of antiseptic cream into it and bandaged her. This little suffering dog hardly flinched throughout the whole process. We called her ‘Princess’ because she behaved like one!

After a month Princess' massive back wound had reduced almost by 50%. Remarkably, the scar tissue that covered the wound hadn’t pulled her skin. The Vitamin E cream and coconut oil that we had administered, had kept it soft and supple. Her deep long wound on her front leg had also healed.  After 2 months Prncess' wound had completely healed leaving a small red area which was hardly visible.

It wasn't an easy healing process as Princess contracted a fungal infection due to the terrible wet weather we'd been experiencing. Most of her fur had fallen out. We’d treated her with our natural therapies which included, Tea Tree oil to kill the infection followed by Olive oil to help the fur grow back and honey in her food to boost her immune system with a range of vitamins. Not only did her fur start to reappear but she also put on weight. We took her out of her pen on sunny days so she could benefit from Vitamin D too.

Princess would now love a caring sponsor to look after her and make sure she continues to grow in confidence and strength.

Merci de me parrainer !

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