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9+ years


Siri was one of the first puppies to be abandoned on us 14 years ago with her sister Sunny. 

Siri became paralysed from blood parasites 4 years later. She was unable to walk for several months, which caused a bladder infection. Siri visited the veterinary hospital so many times I’d lost count.

After several months of intensive care at our healing centre, Siri showed signs of improvement with regular massages and swimming exercises to strengthen her legs.

About 2 years later Siri needed a hip luxation operation to remove the femur head. Normally the muscles grow back around the femur bone to keep it in place but this didn't happen with Siri. She learned to cope by using a unique hop and skip technique.

But last year (2021), as Siri got older her strong leg had started to grow weak too due to arthritis. The result was Siri couldn't lift her left paw off the ground because of her right leg's weakness. We took her to the vet with a badly inflamed paw due to the wet weather and Siri's love of walking in the rain.

We were treating her paw but early one morning (2022) we found Siri had chewed off half her paw through her bandage. We rushed her to the vet who agreed to amputate her leg as we were getting very concerned about gangrene setting in. That day was a sad day but we knew it was for the best. I truly believe Siri will feel much more comfortable without having to drag her left leg along the ground. We have experience with paraplegic dogs, she'll quickly learn to run on 3 legs.

The day after her operation Siri was standing in her small pen asking to go out. We let her take a few steps on the grass to relieve herself but she was very wobbly.

Siri's sister Sunny watched over her as she always does when Siri is taken ill. Her wound healed quickly with medication and painkillers and the stitches were taken out a week later. The hock brace ordered from the USA will help to strengthen and support her remaining back leg.

Siri would dearly love some more sponsors to care about her in her twilight years. Siri has been through a lot in her long life.

Thank you for caring.

Merci de me parrainer !

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