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6-9 years


Somchai lived with his pack in a wood at the back of a large school. The schoolmaster didn't want them there and has forbidden anyone to feed them. But one brave lady sneaks into the school after it's closed to do just that.

 She had missed Somchai for a week then he reappeared. She was shocked at his condition. His left eye was badly infected and bloody. He'd been attacked. She phoned us for help.

She got him to the vet who operated immediately to extract the eye. The injury had happened at least a week before so it couldn't be saved. How did this happen? The vet thought the damaged eye had been hit full-on by a stone from a catapult.

Somchai isn't well. He's had difficulty swallowing and breathing for several weeks. We took him to our local vet who said he had an infection in his nose and prescribed anti-biotics. Somchai hasn't improved and we were concerned he may have cancer. Yesterday we took him 100ks to our special cases vet for x-rays (when he pooped all over the car ) They found no shadows of a growth in his nose and no bones were broken.

The vet said he's got an infection down his nose and into his trachea. No wonder he was having problems swallowing. Thank heavens the infection hadn't reached his lungs which was another of our concerns. Somchai was prescribed medication to stop an infection and a build-up of mucus. If he doesn't improve in 2 weeks he will have to return for further tests.

Somchai is now recovering with us. He's very sensitive to cold and wet weather which makes him cough and breath with difficulty. We are very careful to put his jacket on him and make sure he's warm and dry. Research showed that chickens feet is an excellent natuarl remedy for an infected trachea. Initially Somchai wasn't very keen with his new diet but after several months it has definiatley improved his breathing problem. 

Somchai is a sweet-natured dog who loves  lots of company.

Merci de me parrainer !

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