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6-9 years


We found Somkit on the side of the road in the long grass screaming in pain.  He'd been hit by a car.  We had to put a towel over his head so we could pick him up cos he was biting everything even his foot.  We rushed him to  two vets but they didn't have the equipment to help him. The next day we rushed him to a vet hospital 200km away which had the necessary equipment. Somkit's 6th vertebrae was broken leaving the spinal cord intact. We were told Somkit's surgery had a 30% success rate because he couldn't feel his back legs.

Some 8 months later Somkit went through a roller coaster of events. He started to wobble on his back feet very quickly. One back leg became stronger and after a few months he could stand but often with his back legs crossed and he stood on tip toes.  We worked hard to get him to stand flat on his feet but he kept returning to stand on tip toes.


Then disaster struck. Somkit started to gnaw on the toes of his weaker leg. One toe had to be amputated and the others sewed up. He kept gnawing them. We put a collar on him which he pulled off. We bandaged his foot and he bit through the bandages. Then he mutilated his foot.  The final result was his leg had to be amputated.

Somkit has a very strong character and has fought so hard through his pain and disability.  Fate hasn't been kind to him and now he has to learn to walk on 3 legs if his remaining back leg is strong enough.

Please sponsor Somkit and give him the support and care he dearly needs.  He's such a brave deserving dog I know he'll be so grateful.

Somkit is fully vaccinated and neutered.

Merci de me parrainer !

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