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9+ years


When she was young Suree had a very different story.   She was healthy, strong and playful.


But now, the same environment she loved playing in, threatens her existence. She is victim of atopic dermatitis, which makes her highly sensitive to the environment around her and extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, with the lack of financial aid to pay for her expensive skin medicines, she is not able to fight against the variety of bacterial and fungal skin infections she suffers from and continue to deteriorate everyday.


While we treat her with natural remedies like homeopathic washes, creams & oils every day, she requires stronger medication and treatment to help alleviate the issue permanently.


Please sponsor Suree in her old age.  She has been in a lot of irritation over the past few years scratching and rolling in an attempt to alleviate it.  She has lost weight and looks very sad.  


Thank you for your support and giving Suree a chance!

Merci de me parrainer !

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